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Tyesha  cannon

woman of vision

Tyesha Cannon is what some may say a "Preacher's Kid."  She grew up in the church as her father and mother are elders/evangelists.   Yes, she comes from a family legacy of preachers, teachers, singers, and musicians.  Henceforth, Tyesha's walk with the Lord started early, causing her to encounter a filling of the Holy Spirit at five years old.  Furthermore, Tyesha was taken on a life journey to discover more things about herself, realizing she needed God more than ever.  At age sixteen, she re-dedicated her life to God and mounted upon a more intimate relationship with Jesus during her teenage pregnancy.  

As she continued to walk with the Lord, she developed into a strong woman of God, and her life is committed to living by example and encouraging others to live up to their full potential in Christ.  She does all this by being transparent about her testimony and how she went from being a teenage mother to a reborn virgin.  After many years of waiting on the Lord, God brought her a Man of God.  He graced them both to walk in their marriage, conquering temptation and fornication and sealing the deal with their first kiss on their wedding day.  What a glorious time they can reflect on after celebrating their tenth anniversary in August of 2022.

Tyesha is a servant at heart.  She has been a part of Rehoboth Christian Ministries under Pastor Tyrone Roberson and Lady Tiffany Roberson since 2012.  She serves as a praise and worship leader, prayer team member, and works alongside her husband, Thomas-Michael Cannon, as marriage ministry director.  In time past, she served as chairman of the Rehoboth Christian Ministries Capital Campaign in 2017 and as a praise dance instructor for young adults, teens, and children.  She is currently completing her minister's training and awaiting to be ordained in the year 2023.  God ministered this scripture to her in her early adult years, making her call sure unto the Lord, "who hath saved us, and called us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began" (2 Timothy 1:9 KJV). Tyesha often echoes the words, "God has called me with a holy calling." She doesn't take her YES to God for granted.

Tyesha Cannon is better known as "Tyesha the Encourager" and is the founder, visionary, and C.E.O. of She Sacred Ministries, LLC.  Tyesha is set apart for the work of God!  She lives, breathes, and speaks God's purpose!  Tyesha has been granted opportunities to preach God's word and spread the gospel since she was twenty.  God has opened doors for her to speak on international platforms, television shows, radio stations, and podcasts to share the gospel and give her fiery testimony.  Tyesha Cannon is an author, writer, influencer, singer/songwriter, liturgical dancer, transformational mindset coach, and powerhouse speaker.  

Tyesha Cannon launched "Tyesha the Encourager Podcast" on April 1st of 2022, found on Anchor and Spotify.  She has been recognized in K.I.S.H. Magazine Spring Collection 2022 as one of the Top 30 Influential Women: Movers and Shakers and in Gleaming Dreamers Magazine Special Summer Edition as one of the Top 10 Global Influential Women: Movers and Shakers in June of 2022.  She is ecstatic to be a co-author of the Best-Selling Book "Use What's In Your Hands" by Visionary Kishma George.   And she is excited to announce that her very own book will be coming out on October 30th, 2022!  

Gleaming Dreamers Magazine Cover - October 2022 Issue 2.JPG

Tyesha has been happily married for ten years to Thomas-Michael Cannon and is a mother of four beautiful children Shania, Bria, Zachariah, and Skylar.  She wears all these hats while going to school full-time as she pursues her bachelor's degree in Human Psychology to become a mental health therapist.  Tyesha takes excellent pleasure in giving back to her community by serving, and she embodies the motto, "get in where you fit in." She assisted flood victims during a devastating time when her hometown St. Louis, Missouri, was hit by two floods in one week in July of 2022.  She inspires people from all walks of life as a Transformational Mindset Coach providing innovative strategies and techniques for mental breakthroughs and challenges.   Her influential words encourage and motivate others through God's love.  Although she is grateful for all God has given her and allowed her to accomplish so far, the most important thing she will forever be thankful for is her salvation.  She counts it a joy and a privilege to be in the presence of God by having a solid prayer life.    Tyesha is a woman of faith and destiny!  Her yes to God catapulted her to new heights and endeavors!  Tyesha's life exemplifies the scripture, "with God all things are possible." (Matthew 19:26 KJV)


Tyesha Cannon

Founder/ Visionary/C.E.O. of She Sacred Ministries, LLC.


Phone number: 314-504-6065

Follow her on social media outlets:

FB: Tyesha Cannon

YouTube: Tyesha Cannon

IG: @tyesha_theencourager

TikTok: @tyesha_theencourage


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