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Dr. Kylie Victoria McBride

potential pusher

Discovering one’s purpose can be a transformative endeavor. It is a journey well worth the time, vulnerability, and introspection. Passionate about helping women along the journey to fulfillment, Dr. Kylie Victoria McBride has dedicated her life to mining potential and activating purpose in women from all walks of life. Dr. McBride is an educator, author, speaker, cleric, and founder of Pieces to Peace, an organization committed to educating, inspiring, and empowering women to pursue their goals relentlessly. Having served  her community as an educator and pastor, Dr. McBride is sensitive to the challenges confronting minorities and minority women in particular. She endeavors to provide this demographic with resources by which they can change the trajectory of their lives. Her professional and community work has positioned her as a mentor

to many.


Dr. McBride’s mantra is simple: “Control what I can control - myself”. She strives to impart this truth to those in her care, helping them eliminate excuses and develop the self-discipline necessary to reach their goals. Dr. McBride serves as founding pastor of AITP Outreach Ministries, located in Columbia, South Carolina. Since its inception in 2014, AITP has continually served the surrounding communities through a monthly food pantry distribution, providing food, clothing and spiritual resources to the homeless, and partnering with local schools to provide financial support for student programs.

Recognizing the stress and isolation that often accompanies serving as a pastor, Dr. McBride in 2020 Dr. McBride launched a support group. The Pastors’ PPE (Prayer and Prophesy Experience) offers senior leaders an opportunity to have intimate dialogue, discuss ministry strategies, share testimonies, network and receive spiritual support from peers and guest speakers. Thus far, Pastors’ PPE has served as a safe place for pastors in North and South Carolina. Dr. McBride is excited about working to expand this effort.


Dr. McBride’s work as an educator spans over 20 years. She revels in her work with those labeled at-risk youth. It is this student population that is most in need of adults who support, encourage and show them the endless possibilities that accompany hard work. For Dr. McBride, propelling these young people toward high graduation and post-secondary goals is the highlight of her career. She believes that potential coupled with proper guidance eliminates barriers to success. Dr. McBride places a high value on education, believing it to be vital to one’s overall success. For this reason, she has committed herself to being a lifelong learning, pursuing post-graduate studies and participating in workshops, conferences and classes that help her to continually hone

her skillset. Dr. McBride holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Coker University and is a National Board Certified Educator. In addition to her undergraduate work, Dr. McBride has earned a graduate certification in Marriage and Family Therapy from Capella University. Additionally, she earned a Masters in Pastoral Counseling and a Master of Divinity - Pastoral Counseling, and a Doctorate of Ministry – Urban Ministry from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary.


Dr. Kylie Victoria McBride



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Dr. McBride has an innate ability to reveal individuals’ untapped potential, granting them the confidence to do the work needed to achieve their dreams and fulfill their purpose. She believes that there is a special reason for which each of us was created. It is her pleasure to help people discover and live out that reason. When she is not serving her community, Dr. McBride enjoys spending time with her daughter and extended family, reading, writing, and traveling.


Dr. Kylie V. McBride. Servant Leader. Influencer. Potential Pusher.


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