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Sherly Telcide-Julien

prophetic coach-Seer


CMHC / Inner Healing facilitator

Licensed Clinical Christian Therapist

Ordained/Licensed Minister/Clergy 



Sherly T Julien is a prominent Christian Counselor, Life, Business, Mind, Spiritual, mental health coach and mentor known for her uniqueness, and creativity, she coaches as God leads. Her interest in psychology began early in life. Even though she did not major in psychology at first, but instead she picked Interior architecture Design, A different way to help people. Sherly is passionate about helping and guiding others to find their voice in life, therefore she decided to pursue a career as a psychologist/Christian counseling.


After years of hands-on success experiences in guiding mostly women to discover their purpose and point them to their worth, today she is a on demand prophetic One on One coach and mentor. She stands among the great advocates in her field and has a lot of contributions towards coaching  mentoring, Inner healing and spiritual coaching and strategies.


Sherly was born and raised in Port-au-Prince Haiti. She is married, mother of two, and Mother/guardian of two.

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Founder of:

One Touch Community Circle, LLC

& One Touch Community Circle, Corp

Apostolic-prophetic Ministry



Text  “One Touch Community Circle  

for Prophetic Consultation

Phone:  (717) 606-9828




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Interior Architect Designer 



Founder of:

STJ Initial Design Inc

Interior Architectural Design Firm (design and build)



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