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dr. Jessica respus

fearless trendsetter

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Highly dedicated, passionate, and goal-driven, Dr. Jessica Respus is a spearheading entrepreneur and educational professional whose underlying mission is to instill positive change on both an individual and societal level. As the proud founder and owner of Cumberland County Christian School, Dr. Respus has an extensive 11+ year background involving innovation integrations, business development, and strict regulation processes. In conjunction with this, she has also cultivated the fundamental leadership skills necessary that not only guarantee top-quality education but ensures that both students and faculty have a gratifying and seamless experience. Born in Lafayette, LA, raised in Port Arthur, TX, and currently based in Red Springs, NC, Dr. Respus has always had a big heart for helping others succeed in life. Being a role model for others and showcasing just how vital stepping out of your comfort zone is to foster new levels of personal growth, has been a cornerstone goal for her both as an individual and as a leader.

Throughout her life thus far, she has earned several collegiate degrees including a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership Teaching, Learning and Development. With nurturing students at her forefront, Dr. Respus became inspired to design and develop her own private school. With intense pragmatic planning and blueprinting, that vision came to life over a decade ago. As a passionate professional, nothing makes Dr. Respus happier than enriching young minds, supporting individuals on their goals, and creating an educational ground where everyone feels welcomed. Nothing gives Dr. Respus more joy than seeing young minds reach their full potential, achieving their goals and feeling welcomed in an educational setting. With no limits to her ambition for making positive changes, she designed the School Launch Academy e-course that allows women from all over the world the opportunity to start their own school in a supported and guided manner. By providing aspiring women around the world the tools they need to become entrepreneurs in the educational realm, Dr. Respus is empowering each of them to create change that will have a lasting impact on generations of children to come.

Furthermore, Dr. Respus has devoted her life to protecting children, her most recent accomplishment is the development of Life Defender Alert, a mobile app designed to protect children worldwide from house fires, break-ins, school shootings, and emergency notifications in case of being kidnapped. Respus; passion for keeping children safe is evident in everything she does, and Life Defender Alert is just one more way she is working to make the world a safer place for children. With this app, parents can have peace of mind knowing that their children are always protected, no matter where they are. Thanks to Dr. Respus dedication, parents and children alike can sleep a little easier at night knowing that they have the Life Defender Alert app on their side.

Overall, Dr. Respus has a genuine ardency for her career, values integrity, and trust, and demonstrates that through her powerhouse dedication towards Cumberland County Christian School over the last decade. This, along with her keen interpersonal skills, advanced interest in continually improving processes and her go-getter personality, has all led to Dr. Respus becoming the reputable and respected individual that she is today amongst her peers, students, their families, and her valuable staff.


Contact: Dr. Jessica Respus 910-382-6222


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