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Prophetess Samantha Lucas

 The Global Prophetic Midwife

Prophetess Samantha Lucas - The Global Prophetic Midwife



Samantha Lucas born and raised in Miami, Florida answered the call on her life as not only a Prophet of God in 2004 but a midwife to purpose. In 2017, the Lord spoke to Samantha that she was “The Global Prophetic Midwife“ the ministry was birthed to help assist individuals through the process of becoming who God has ordained them to be. Since then she has organized community outpour events in the City of Miami for the homeless and mentorship programs for young girls such as “Royally Crowned”geared towards girls ages 7 to18 and ”P.U.S.H” Mentorship for women ages 18 & up . The Global Prophetic Midwives Network which Prophetess Samantha Lucas oversees has also established an annual gathering “ The Vault is Open '' a message from the open heavens. Besides all of this, the “Midwife” created a school for those whose interests are centered around technology and the arts named “Avant Garde Society Academy of Innovation.” Prophetess Samantha Lucas is not only a visionary with a mission and mandate to build but she’s a woman of excellence in all things.


The Business Woman

Celebrity Stylist and CEO Samantha Lucas had the intent in mind to create a business polished behind the essence of a woman from middle to high class. The Beauty Sanctuary by Diamonds and Pearls Couture’s mission is to exhibit a boutique that exemplifies class, rhythm, savvy and style. Based in Miami the boutique offers tailored made garments along with custom white glove customer service that brings a beauty experience for her clients. Thus far your favorite fashion connoisseur has not only been featured on Upward Magazine but she has taken the standard of beauty to another level.


Please visit: for shopping for consultations and Bookings for Ministry Bookings P.U.S.H Mentorship signup.


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