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apostle Felicia berry

prophetic voice to the world

Apostle Felicia Berry helps lead Cornerstone Ministries A.T.D.M in Irvington, NJ along with her husband Bishop Ronald Berry Jr, Lead Pastor. She writes, empowers, and travels extensively both in the states and internationally fulfilling speaking engagements. She is passionate and holds a burden to catalyze this generation and generation next to live life in abundance of wholeness, wellness, and fullness.

Apostle Felicia Berry is governed by Spiritual laws and Kingdom culture. The central part of her life is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Her core values dictate her behaviors and actions, reflecting the scripture which sustains her life: “But seek (aim at and strive after) first of all His kingdom and His righteousness (His way of doing and being right), and then all these things taken together will be given you besides.” (Matthew 6:33, AMPC) Apostle Felicia Berry is the author of five books: Protecting the Protection, Stranger Name Truth, The Upload and two of the most recent booklets, Wellness and The Probe which was released this year.

It is not easy to admit your contentious ailments, inefficiencies, and all the things which may cause you to crash, particularly as a highly regarded, sort-after, popular, trendy person who holds impactful authority. However, someone must be willing to divulge to make focusing on and maintaining wholeness popular and authentic. For the coming season of your life, you must assess what is your existing condition. Are you aware we are all mind, body, soul, & spirit? All parts of us must agree to function properly.

No part of us can be out of pocket, if so, we will experience the ramification bountifully. 


Are you also aware good mental, physical & spiritual health is for everyone? It is not specific to just one, two, or some. In an era of widespread loss, confusion, political feuds, along with an epidemic and pandemic, self-management is no longer optional. Taking care of yourself is more than experiencing a spa day, working out at a gym, eating the right things, visiting exotic vacation spots, or isolating oneself. It is a combination of many things. Self-care requires an importunate intention encompassing growth, balance, forgiveness, love, and concern for oneself. It is more than what is on

you but stretches to the pain-pointers that lie within.

The booklet ‘WELLNESS’ is a starter kit to examine where you are and to

consider where you can be. Purchase it today.

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To connect with Apostle Felicia Berry’s ministry, business, or purchase her books you can visit

both websites: or and her social networking sites are

Instagram(@apostlefberry) and Facebook (@apostlefeliciaberry).


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